Who we are

We are an agricultural company that employs modern farm equipment, improved seedlings and modern farming techniques, under standard farm management practices to increase food production in Nigeria.


Our technical expertise and the use of automated systems and complex technologies allows us to manage crop growth real time and get early warnings in case of deviations from normal growth, we are able to achieve a high yield so our investors can have a high return on their investment.

  • Land
    We provide farming land equipped with Modern Farming Technologies such as aerial images from drones and soil sensors, we manage crop growth in real time, predict influences affecting yields and we’re able to respond more quickly to changes. Automated systems are available to provide early warnings in case of deviations from normal growth; this means we can take prompt action to prevent harvest losses. By generating detailed insights into operations and environment, we harness digital technologies to boost yield, and increase profitability, helping to produce enough food to sustain the nation’s rapidly growing population. With this facility we achieve 5 – 10 tons maize yield per hectare against the 1-3 tons yield currently recorded by Nigerian farmers.
  • Professional Farm Management
    From selecting the right crop variety and applying exactly the right fertilizer dose through to determining the ideal time for crop protection measures and recognizing plant stress factors at an early stage, our team of Agric professionals, agricultural IT experts and technical partners manage the farm on your behalf to ensure that you have the best farm yields.
  • Irrigation Facility
    We provide a reliable and suitable irrigation water supply which results in vast improvements in our production. Irrigation technologies ensure the fields will not depend on rain, and will not suffer drought, making it possible to grow crops which give good returns to our investors all year round.
  • Market
    We have built business relationships with reputable processors and manufacturing companies in Nigeria who use agricultural produce as an ingredient or component of their product. Before going into production, we get their specifications and we produce based on their order. We have identified and created market for all produce so our investors need not worry about how they'd sell their farm products.
  • Funding
    SmartFarm in Collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria is providing loan facility to finance one hectare for each subscriber. The loan ranges from #250,000 - #300,000 to cover the input and labour cost for cultivating one hectare of land. If credibility is maintained by repaying the loan, CBN will increase facility to cover expenses for up to 5 hectares for subsequent farming seasons.