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Do you know you can now earn up to 25% interest on your investment just by farming with Smartfarm? No hidden charges. Insurance covered.

Endorsed by top African agric focused organizations

How SmartFarm Works

In 3 easy steps, you can start investing and earning
a lot of money on high yield farms

Create An Account

Sign up for a SmartFarm account with your details. For added security, we verify both your email address and mobile number.

Fund your wallet

Using your ATM Card/Debit Card, fund your wallet by specifying how much you want to save. You can add more funds to your wallet.

Invest in a Farm

Select a farm to invest in and enjoy high returns based on the duration of each farm you opt to invest in.

Farm Wallet

With Farm Wallet, you can automatically save up funds from your phone and invest in farms that deliver high returns.

Track Your Investments

With SmartFarm, you can monitor your investment and track your farm yields in any of our smart farms wherever you are.

How safe is my money?

SmartFarm was built with High-Grade security features. Our funds are insured by Leadway Assuarance, who ensures user’s funds are covered no matter the situation. We also work with a PCIDSS compliant payment processor for the security of data.

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Amadi Doris

I invested in smartfarm because i wanted an alternative source of income and a company that has the integrity to help me achieve this.

Ugo Onyeka

I invested in smartfarm because they are experienced and also have the capacity to deliver on what they promise.

Bisola Adeagbo

I invested in smartfarm because they insure every investment they recieve and have a long track record of high returns on investment.

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